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4.28.24 - Trio w. Ted Moore + Nat Baldwin - NEB V2 - New Haven, CT
4.27.24 - 4tet w. Lao Dan + Bookers - Willi Records - Willimantic, CT
4.26.24 - 4tet w. Lao Dan + Caleb Duval
+ James Paul Nadien - NEB V2 - New Haven, CT
4.25.24 - 4tet w. Mackenzie Kourie + Bookers - NEB V2 - New Haven, CT
4.12.24 - Bookers - NEB V2 - New Haven, CT
4.2.24 - Stalwart - Mardi Spaghetti @ Casa Del Popolo - Montreal, QC
4.1.24 - Stalwart - Troy Speakeasy - Troy, NY
3.31.24 - Stalwart - Record Shop - Brooklyn, NY
3.30.24 - Stalwart - NEB V2 - New Haven, CT
3.24.24 - Duo w. Caleb Duval - Notice Rec. Presents @ The Tavern - Stone Ridge, NY
3.23.24 - Duo w. Caleb Duval - Headstone Gallery - Kingston, NY
3.22.24 - 4tet w. Sandy Ewen + Bookers - Redscroll Records - Wallingford, CT
3.21.24 - 4tet w. Tom Weeks + Bookers AND
4tet Sandy Ewen + Bookers - Lilypad - Cambridge, MA
3.17.24 - 5tet w. Jack Wright/Patrick Crossland/Bookers - Willi Records - Willimantic, CT
2.24.24 - 4tet w. Sam Newsome + Bookers - NEB V2
New Haven, CT
2.23.24 - 4tet w. Stephen Gauci + Bookers - NEB V2
New Haven, CT


Luke Rovinsky is an improvising electric guitarist based in New Haven, Connecticut.

Since April 2022, he has co-organized FIM Improvisation's Radical Music series with bassist Caleb Duval, independently presenting over 50 concerts featuring themselves and a community of New England-based musicians performing with and alongside improvisers from NYC, Chicago, Berlin, and Mexico City. In 2024, they established FIM Records.

With Duval, Rovinsky performs in the groups Bookers with Michael Larocca, Stalwart with Ben Eidson and James Paul Nadien, Inconcinnity with Alina Jacobs and Mackenzie Kourie, Beasts with Kaelen Ghandhi, Ben Eidson, and Jeff Dragan, and eeeeeel with Noa Jacques and Crescent Malavet.

He has performed with Joe Morris, Tatsuya Nakatani, Sam Newsome, Andrea Pensado, Stephen Gauci, Nat Baldwin, Ted Moore, Forbes Graham, Adam Matlock, and Carl Testa. His work has been featured in The New Haven Independent and Jazz Podium, on BBC Radio 3's Freeness and at the 2022 Catalytic Sound Festival.

"The music was beautiful...continuous state logics! Multiple logics! Reverse logics! Everyone's listening! It was alive and positive! Hooray for the Creator of the universe, that's what I would say."

- Anthony Braxton, on "Beasts II"

"Stalwart’s heavy yet lively interplay very much belongs to a thriving new school of improvised music that transcends state (and national) borders, distilling both the silliest and most serious aspects of the wider tradition’s six-plus decades of existence into an exhilarating, ever-diverse tincture...a common talking point in free improvisation “theory” is knowing when not to play. These four are well past that—they always know when not to not play."

- Jack Davidson, on Stalwart's "Blessed"
Noise Not Music

"...musical ideas like tiny explosions, perhaps of live ammunition, perhaps of rubber balls or confetti, that then bounce and flutter around the room at high velocity...there is a keen sense of music from various sources being taken apart and scrambled, and of new music being built before our very ears, sometimes with the air of a furrowed brow, sometimes with the flavor of cartoon characters creating Rube Goldberg music that they already know will fail to catch their mouse, and they don’t care."

- Brian Slattery, on Bookers "HI-FI LO-IQ"
The New Haven Independent

"...a Gargantuan tour de force of avant-garde noise absurdist reconstruction of rock, or music in general."

- Dave Tremblay on eeeeeel's "Piano-Polished..."
Can This Even Be Called Music?